FireMapper Brigade

Complete mapping and appliance tracking solution for emergency service brigades with up to 10 devices.

Our Brigade subscription is built to support operations at small and medium incidents, and to support planning for hazard reductions and other typical brigade activities. It is intended to be used on up to 10 devices, such as a tablet in each brigade appliance, and by brigade field officers. FireMapper Brigade runs on our server infrastructure hosted in Australia, eliminating the need for any additional software or servers.

The subscription allows users to share a common set of maps, as well as real-time tracking of appliance and user locations. Maps can be created and synchronised with features including points, lines and photo observations. Each user can customise the suite of feature symbology used, with sets that cover aviation, assets, incidents, operations and fire investigation.

The subscription is intentionally low maintenance, allowing a Brigade to manage their pool of licenses and devices in a “bring-your-own-device” manner, for instance in a volunteer organisation.

An annual subscription includes access to the freely downloaded FireMapper Enterprise app on iOS and Android, and licences can be moved between devices.

Brigade Subscription Cost
A Brigade Subscription to FireMapper is $385.00 per year for 10 devices. Contact us to discuss creating your subscription.
FireMapper Brigade Benefits
A Brigade Subscription provides numerous benefits over the standalone FireMapper app:
Real-time Shared Mapping

FireMapper is intuitive and easy to use, allowing any fire fighter to quickly produce a detailed, accurate map of an incident. Maps are automatically shared between Brigade devices and available when offline.

FireMapper provides a suite of standard symbology sets, with integrated workflow, covering points and lines used throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada.

FireMapper can embed photos within observations, representing the direction the photo was taken and other important information. 

FireMapper Portal

The FireMapper Portal is a web-based tool that displays maps created in FireMapper.

Multiple export formats are available as well as direct integration with 3rd party tools such as ArcGIS Online, QGIS and Google Earth.


The Portal includes management tools to control device access and archive maps generated in FireMapper. 

Appliance Location Tracking

FireMapper allows each device to identify itself either as a person or an appliance, with flexible appliance resource types and identification.


Appliance locations are shared with other users in the same brigade, and visible on the FireMapper Portal. 

Integrated Incident Feeds and Topographic Maps

FireMapper seamlessly integrates over 60 incident and information data sourced from agencies across Australia and New Zealand, enhancing situational awareness.


A variety of topographic map formats are also included, customised for each brigade subscription based on their state and area of operations. 

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